Principal Investigator

Art Weis – Professor

Recently I have become interested in the selective pressures imposed by climate change. I established the Experimental Climate Warming Array at the Koffler Scientific Reserve as a device to study plant growth performance under future temperature regimes, in an otherwise natural

I also initiated Project Baseline, which has secured genetic materials that future researches will need to gauge evolutionary response to global change. This project grew out of the lab’s work in California, which discovered an evolutionary shift in flowering time in Brassica rapa following and multi-year drought. We grew seeds collected before the drought side-by-side with seeds collected after. As predicted by theory, these populations evolved a one-week acceleration in flowering time over just 5 generations. Project Baseline will make similar experiments possible with dozens of species from across North America.

The move from California to Ontario has been terrific. I grew up in Aurora, Illinois (home town of Wayne and Garth—party on!) so it was a return to a familiar climate.

Graduate Students

Cameron So (M.Sc – Sept 2018 – Nov 2020)

I am investigating the adaptive potential of a field mustard (Brassica rapa) in response to climate change, continuing an existing project begun by Sydney Rotman (M.Sc 2018). Most of my research will be conducted using the Experimental Warming Arrays at the Koffler Scientific Reserve, which raises the air temperature of a plot to mimic future climatic conditions. I have broad research interests that intersect conservation, climate change, and genetics, so please approach me if there’s something I should know!

Yimin Yu (M.Sc – September 2020)

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Undergraduate Students

Jameson Kunkel (EEB498 4th Year Thesis)

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Sarah Ravoth (EEB498 4th Year Thesis)

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Maia Dall’Acqua (EEB398 3rd Year Thesis)

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Arthur Randolph-Westerhof

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Alice DesRoches

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Ariane Mooney

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