Post-doctoral fellows

Interested applicants to the NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship program are welcome to contact me at any time. I am especially seeking persons that can bring fresh perspectives and new skills to the lab’s work in plant evolutionary ecology.  Candidates with strong background and interest in population genetics, rapid phenotypic evolution, plant-plant interactions or plant defense systems are sought.  The lab offers plant growth and molecular facilities, both at the St. George campus and at the Koffler Scientific Reserve

Graduate students

Inquiries about graduate study are welcome at any time. I seek students with strong interests in plant population biology, ecological genetics and plant-animal interactions, examined in the context of global change. Candidates with research experience in ecology or evolution at the undergraduate level are preferred. Canadian students should check the NSERC Graduate Fellowship Programs to supplement support from the University of Toronto.

Undergraduate students

University of Toronto students can find a number of opportunities in my laboratory on campus, or at Koffler Scientific Reserve in New Market, ON. I am particularly interested in students with career aspirations in basic research and environmental protection.

Research projects can be initiated through one of the research courses offered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Over the summer, students can take advantage of the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards program. In addition, eligible students can find employment in the lab through the Work-Study program. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the lab.

Volunteer opportunities

There’s always plenty of work to be done in the Weis lab. If you’re considering a career in science, or are simply interested in learning more about how biological research happens, you should consider volunteering.

What you get

  • Practical hands-on experience
  • Interesting stories to tell at job interviews, grad school interviews, etc.
  • A chance to get to know faculty and graduate students in the EEB department (think reference letters)
  • A standing invitation to all Weis lab events

What you give

  • A commitment of about 3 hours a week.

Think of it as an extra lab. We understand that there will be weeks when you have less time, and weeks when you have more; we’re looking for 3 hours on average.

Of course, we’re happy to have you around more, too. The more time you give, the more experience you’ll get.

Got questions? Interested in applying? Please contact Art Weis at