Jennifer Ison. Assistant Professor, College of Wooster. (Postdoc 2010)

Steve Franks. Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Fordham University. (Postdoc, 2005-2007)

Gretchen LeBuhn. Professor, University of California Santa Barbara. (Postdoc, 2000-2002)

Gordon Brown . Associate Professor, St. John’s University. (Postdoc, 1995-96)

Arlee Montalvo. Research Biologist, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California-Riverside. (Postdoc, 1996)

Rodney Walton. Ecologist, Fermi National Laboratory. (Postdoc, 1987-88)

Wendy L. Gorman. Professor, Northland College. (Postdoc, 1986-87)

Graduate Students

Sydney Rotman. (MSc Student 2018)

Colin Bonner. Growth Chamber Coordinator & EEB Technician. (MSc Student 2016)

Susana Wadgymar. Assistant Professor, Davidson College (PhD Student 2009-2015)

Emily Austen. Associate Professor, Mount Allison University. (PhD Student 2008-2014)

Geoffrey Legault. PhD Student University of Colorado Boulder. (MSc Student 2009)

Allan Ellis. Professor, Department of Botany and Zoology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. (Ph.D. student, 2006)

Lori Bross. Research Associate, Core Microscopy Facility, Northern Illinois University. (M.Sc. student, 1988)

Gary Krupnick. Head, Plant Conservation Unit, The Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History. (Ph.D. student, 1997)

Kevin S. Richter. Research Director, SG Fertility. (Ph.D. student, 1995)

Visiting Scientists

Corrine Vacher. Research Scientist, Institut national de la rechenche agronomique, France. (Visitng Ph.D. student, 2005)

Julliette Winterer. Associate Dean, Harrisburg Area Community College. (Sabbatical visitor, 2004)


Maddy Chiang. (Undergraduate Research 2017-2018).

Madeline Peters. PhD Student, Mideo Lab, University of Toronto. (Undergraduate Researcher 2016-2017).

Georgia Henry. PhD Student, Stinchcombe Lab, University of Toronto (Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2016).

Nina Sokolov. Graduate Student, Books Lab, UC Berkeley. (Global Change Science Research Intern 2016)

Michelle Ho. (Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2016)

ChuChu Lu. (Undergraduate Researcher 2014-2015)

Erin Westover. (Undergraduate Researcher 2013-2015)

Ji Dong (Karen Bai) (Undergraduate Researcher)

Alex Levit (Undergraduate Researcher)

Matt Cumming (Undergraduate Researcher)

Rosa (Gaim) Son (Undergraduate Researcher)

Genevieve Blais (Undergraduate Researcher)

Grace Taurozzi (Undergraduate Researcher)

Suchinta Arif (Undergraduate Researcher)

Yana Gorin (Undergraduate Researcher)

Tommy Oliver (Undergraduate Researcher)

David Czoniak (aka “Western David”) (Undergraduate Volunteer)

Supreet Sunil. (Undergraduate Resesearcher, 2010-2011)

Kyle Turner. Lab Manager, Hoekstra Lab, Harvard University. (Undergraduate Resesearcher, 2009-2010)

Bergita Petro. Assistant Dean, Residence Life, University of Toronto. (Undergraduate Researcher, 2008-2010)

Amanda Stock. Undergraduate Researcher, Stinchcombe Lab, University of Toronto. (Undergraduate Researcher, 2010)

Sheina Sim. Junior Researcher, University of Hawaii at Manoa. (Undergraduate researcher, 2005)

Tanya Kossler Duncan. Adjunct Instructor at Pasadena City College. (Undergraduate researcher, 2003)

John Lichter. Professor, Bowdin College. (Undergraduate researcher, 1995-96).

Friends and Family

Fritz (Honorary Lab Member and Beloved Companion)